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Personal details
Please enter your information for ID issuance.

First name in English
Last name in English
Date of birth
ID card Photo

Please upload your headshot photo. Passport photo is recommended.

  • File name should be number or english. And the photo file shoul be JPG or PNG image file
  • When issuing the card, if the photo does not show your face well, it can be edited according to the regulations
  • Please check below to upload your photo and documents successfully.
    1. For security reason, uploading files with the name of 2 alphabets + 5-digit number is recommended.
    2. Please upload image files in JPG, and the files will be uploaded securely when each file is smaller than 500KB.

You can edit the uploaded photo

  1. Click the left top point that you want to start crop.
  2. Click the right bottom point that you want to end crop.
  3. Click the [Crop] button.

Studies at
Confirmation of student/teacher status

  • The file name cannot contain special characters only letters and numbers. Please only use a JPG, PDF or PNG file with a maximum size of 5 mb.

Field of study
Please provide your study direction
  • f.e. International Business

Registering details for "MY ID"

In the "MY ID" area you follow your order, change your personal information and view your ISIC/ITIC or IYTC card. It is very important that you remember your credentials and return to this area after applying to collect your ID-number and activate your ISIC/ITIC or IYTC properly.

Password for MY ID login

  • Password must be at least 6 characters consisting of non-spaced numeric characters

Please check the user consents.

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